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Yaoguai Mingdan summary:

A foxy temptress. A strange misty tree demon. A girl with the power of the goddess Xianjia! Being caught between these women is a feat in it of itself, but our hero Feng Xi must fight in order to protect the peace and save the world!

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Yaoguai Mingdan Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.239 : Seconds Jan-10-17
ch.238 : Chaos Jan-09-17
ch.232 : The Truth Dec-30-16
ch.230 : Stunned Dec-28-16
ch.228 : Go Die Dec-26-16
ch.227 : Clash Dec-23-16
ch.226 : Summons Dec-22-16
ch.225 : I'm Audi Dec-22-16
ch.222 : Glasses Dec-16-16
ch.219 : Cramming Dec-13-16
ch.218 : Stirring Dec-12-16
ch.214 : Late Dec-06-16
ch.213 : Bidding Dec-05-16
ch.209 : Mahjong Nov-29-16
ch.204 : Rainbow Nov-16-16
ch.203 : Dispersal Nov-15-16
ch.201 : Surrender Nov-13-16
ch.198 : Pursuit Nov-08-16
ch.195 : Full Load Nov-03-16
ch.194 : Life Nov-02-16
ch.189 : Not Again Oct-26-16
ch.187 : San Yuan Oct-22-16
ch.186 : Reveal Oct-21-16
ch.184 : A Mob Oct-19-16
ch.178 : Shades Oct-04-16
ch.177 : The Leak Sep-30-16
ch.175 : BEACH Sep-28-16
ch.174 : JUMP Sep-27-16
ch.170 : Eat Sep-20-16
ch.169 : Alley Sep-19-16
ch.167 : Cars Sep-17-16
ch.165 : A Family Sep-15-16
ch.164 : Caller ID Sep-15-16
ch.163 : Sold Sep-10-16
ch.156 : Silenced Sep-02-16
ch.155 : Dakka Aug-31-16
ch.154 : Bedrock Aug-30-16
ch.151 : Dawn Aug-26-16
ch.144 : Hug Aug-16-16
ch.141 : Chen Lei Aug-11-16
ch.116 Jun-19-16
ch.109 : Knockdown Jun-13-16
ch.106 : Jealousy Jun-09-16
ch.102 : Cavemen Jun-02-16
ch.101 : Blood Jun-02-16
ch.98 : Shadow May-28-16
ch.87 : Mushroom May-13-16
ch.82 : Cure All May-05-16
ch.79 May-03-16
ch.73 : Transferee Apr-17-16
ch.68 : Reaping Apr-12-16
ch.65 : Awakening Feb-12-16
ch.64 : Innocence Feb-12-16
ch.62 : An Apology Oct-27-16
ch.60 : Teamwork Jan-23-16
ch.59 : Conflict Jan-23-16
ch.56 : Xiang Er Jan-23-16
ch.54 v2 : Bound Jan-20-16
ch.54 : Bound Jan-20-16
ch.47 : Revisit Jan-20-16
ch.43 : Again Jan-20-16
ch.37 : Ace! Jan-20-16
ch.34 : Delivery Jan-20-16
ch.30 : New Roots Jan-20-16
ch.29 : Return Jan-20-16
ch.28 : Revenge Jan-20-16
ch.27 : #rekt Jan-20-16
ch.26 : Mozilla Jan-20-16
ch.22 : Womanhood Jan-20-16
ch.8 : Encounter Jan-20-16
ch.5 : PLAYAAAA Jan-20-16
ch.3 v2 : Dreamer Oct-27-16
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