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Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan summary:

Su Jia Ao is a normal high school girl, and she's in an unbelievable situation she's never encountered before. A fiancee descended from the sky; his attractiveness can't be stopped, together with that thing; this fiancee is exquisite, kind, gentle, and a highly moral person. Her parents and her neighbours compliment him nonstop. But... What a joke! Who would want to marry someone, who doesn't have man's qualities, as her husband? I'm afraid, even if I come to the Dong Nu Clan, who uses women are superior to men as an ethic, it won't work. For sure, I'll break the chain of these old principles and sing a song of freedom! ...

Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.127 Mar-25-17
ch.126 Mar-25-17
ch.125 Mar-25-17
ch.124 Mar-25-17
ch.123 Mar-19-17
ch.122 Mar-19-17
ch.121 Mar-10-17
ch.120 Mar-10-17
ch.119 Mar-06-17
ch.118 Mar-10-17
ch.117 Mar-10-17
ch.116 Mar-06-17
ch.115 Mar-06-17
ch.114 Mar-06-17
ch.113 Mar-04-17
ch.112 Mar-04-17
ch.111 Mar-04-17
ch.110 Mar-04-17
ch.109 Mar-04-17
ch.108 Mar-04-17
ch.107 Mar-04-17
ch.106 Mar-04-17
ch.105 Mar-04-17
ch.104 Mar-04-17
ch.103 Feb-05-17
ch.102 Feb-05-17
ch.101 Feb-05-17
ch.100 Feb-05-17
ch.99 Jan-28-17
ch.98 Jan-28-17
ch.97 Jan-26-17
ch.96 Jan-26-17
ch.95 Jan-24-17
ch.94 Jan-24-17
ch.93 Jan-23-17
ch.92 Jan-23-17
ch.91 Jan-23-17
ch.90 Jan-23-17
ch.89 Jan-16-17
ch.88 Jan-16-17
ch.87 Jan-15-17
ch.86 Jan-15-17
ch.85 Jan-15-17
ch.84 Jan-15-17
ch.83 Jan-15-17
ch.82 Jan-15-17
ch.81 Jan-11-17
ch.80 Jan-11-17
ch.79 Jan-08-17
ch.78 Jan-08-17
ch.77 Jan-08-17
ch.76 Jan-08-17
ch.75 Jan-05-17
ch.74 Jan-05-17
ch.73 Jan-04-17
ch.72 Jan-04-17
ch.71 Jan-01-17
ch.70 Jan-01-17
ch.69 Dec-29-16
ch.68 Dec-29-16
ch.67 Dec-29-16
ch.66 Dec-29-16
ch.65 Dec-28-16
ch.64 Dec-28-16
ch.63 Dec-26-16
ch.62 Dec-26-16
ch.61 Dec-26-16
ch.60 Dec-26-16
ch.59 Dec-26-16
ch.58 Dec-26-16
ch.57 Dec-26-16
ch.56 Dec-26-16
ch.55 Dec-26-16
ch.54 Dec-16-16
ch.53 Dec-16-16
ch.52 Dec-16-16
ch.51 Dec-03-16
ch.50 Nov-28-16
ch.49 Nov-28-16
ch.48 Nov-28-16
ch.47 Nov-28-16
ch.46 Nov-28-16
ch.45 Nov-28-16
ch.44 Nov-28-16
ch.43 Nov-28-16
ch.42 Oct-18-16
ch.41 Oct-18-16
ch.40 Oct-18-16
ch.39 Sep-24-16
ch.38 Aug-24-16
ch.37 Aug-24-16
ch.36 Aug-24-16
ch.35 Aug-24-16
ch.34 Aug-24-16
ch.33 Aug-24-16
ch.32 Aug-24-16
ch.31 Aug-24-16
ch.30 Aug-24-16
ch.29 Aug-24-16
ch.28 Aug-24-16
ch.27 Aug-24-16
ch.26 Aug-24-16
ch.25 Aug-03-16
ch.24 Aug-03-16
ch.23 Dec-26-16
ch.22 Aug-01-16
ch.21 Aug-01-16
ch.20 Aug-01-16
ch.19 Aug-01-16
ch.18 Jul-14-16
ch.17 Jul-11-16
ch.16 Jul-11-16
ch.15 Jul-11-16
ch.14 Jul-11-16
ch.13 Jul-11-16
ch.12 Jul-11-16
ch.11 Dec-26-16
ch.10 Jul-11-16
ch.9 Dec-26-16
ch.8 May-24-16
ch.7 May-22-16
ch.6 May-22-16
ch.5 May-22-16
ch.4 May-12-16
ch.3 May-12-16
ch.2 Apr-25-16
ch.1 Apr-25-16
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