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  • Spirit Blade Mountain

    Alternative : 灵剑山 (Chinese) 「Ling Jian Shan」 ; 从前有座灵剑山 ; 霊剣山 (Japanese) 「Reikenzan」 Mt. Reiken ; Cong Qian You Zuo Ling Jian Shan (Manhua) ; There Was a Spiritual Sword Mountain (Manhua) ; Tung Tiền Hữu Tọa Linh Kiếm Sơn
  • Author(s): 国王陛下
  • Genres : Action - Adult - Adventure - Comedy - Demons - Martial arts - Romance - Shounen - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • View : 13,509
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  • rate : 5/ 5 - 2 votes

Spirit Blade Mountain summary:

A comet falling will bring about a great calamity, and in order to choose a child fated by the falling comet, the family of the "Reiken" clan with a long storied history is once again resuming its entrance examination process to find disciples. The protagonist Ōriku (Lu Wang in the original novel), who possesses a special soul that only appears once in a thousand years, decides to take the exam, and he starts down the path toward becoming an exceptional sage.

Spirit Blade Mountain Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.149 Mar-14-17
ch.148 Mar-12-17
ch.147 Mar-11-17
ch.146 Mar-11-17
ch.145 Mar-09-17
ch.144 Mar-08-17
ch.143 Mar-07-17
ch.142 Mar-06-17
ch.141 Mar-04-17
ch.140 Mar-03-17
ch.139 Mar-02-17
ch.138 Mar-01-17
ch.137 Feb-28-17
ch.136 Feb-27-17
ch.135 Feb-25-17
ch.134 Feb-24-17
ch.133 Feb-23-17
ch.132 Feb-22-17
ch.131 Feb-21-17
ch.130 Feb-20-17
ch.129 Feb-19-17
ch.128 Feb-18-17
ch.127 Feb-17-17
ch.126 Feb-16-17
ch.125 Feb-15-17
ch.124 Feb-14-17
ch.123 Feb-13-17
ch.122 Feb-13-17
ch.121 Feb-10-17
ch.120 Feb-09-17
ch.119 Feb-08-17
ch.118 Feb-07-17
ch.117 Feb-06-17
ch.116 Feb-03-17
ch.115 Feb-01-17
ch.114 Jan-31-17
ch.113 Jan-31-17
ch.112 Jan-28-17
ch.111 Feb-07-17
ch.110 Jan-27-17
ch.109 Jan-24-17
ch.108 Jan-24-17
ch.107 Jan-22-17
ch.106 Jan-21-17
ch.105 Jan-20-17
ch.104 Jan-19-17
ch.103 Jan-18-17
ch.102 Jan-15-17
ch.101 Jan-15-17
ch.100 Jan-14-17
ch.99 Jan-13-17
ch.98 Jan-11-17
ch.97 Jan-11-17
ch.96 Jan-11-17
ch.95 Jan-10-17
ch.94 Jan-09-17
ch.93 Jan-08-17
ch.92 Jan-06-17
ch.91 Jan-06-17
ch.90 Jan-04-17
ch.89 Jan-03-17
ch.88 Jan-01-17
ch.87 Dec-29-16
ch.86 Dec-27-16
ch.85 Dec-27-16
ch.84 Dec-25-16
ch.83 Dec-25-16
ch.82 Dec-23-16
ch.81 Dec-18-16
ch.80 Dec-18-16
ch.79 Dec-16-16
ch.78 Dec-15-16
ch.77 Dec-14-16
ch.76 Dec-11-16
ch.75 Dec-09-16
ch.74 Dec-08-16
ch.73 Dec-06-16
ch.72 Dec-04-16
ch.71 Dec-02-16
ch.70 Nov-30-16
ch.69 Dec-03-16
ch.68 Nov-25-16
ch.67 Nov-23-16
ch.66 Nov-22-16
ch.65 Nov-20-16
ch.64 Nov-20-16
ch.63 Nov-19-16
ch.62 Nov-18-16
ch.61 Nov-12-16
ch.60 Nov-10-16
ch.59 Nov-05-16
ch.58 Oct-31-16
ch.57 Oct-30-16
ch.56 Oct-26-16
ch.55 Oct-25-16
ch.54 Oct-23-16
ch.53 Oct-14-16
ch.52 Oct-12-16
ch.51 Oct-11-16
ch.50 Oct-09-16
ch.49 Oct-09-16
ch.48 Sep-29-16
ch.47 Sep-26-16
ch.46 Sep-23-16
ch.45 Sep-19-16
ch.44 Sep-11-16
ch.43 Sep-09-16
ch.42 Sep-07-16
ch.41 Sep-07-16
ch.40 Sep-01-16
ch.39 Aug-29-16
ch.38 Aug-17-16
ch.37 Aug-15-16
ch.36 Aug-11-16
ch.35 Aug-09-16
ch.34 Aug-03-16
ch.33 Aug-01-16
ch.32 Jul-19-16
ch.31 Jul-19-16
ch.30 Jul-12-16
ch.29 Jul-10-16
ch.28 Jul-01-16
ch.27 Jun-22-16
ch.26 Jun-21-16
ch.25 Jun-15-16
ch.24 Jun-13-16
ch.23 Jun-07-16
ch.22 Jun-03-16
ch.21 May-26-16
ch.20 May-22-16
ch.19 May-19-16
ch.18 May-15-16
ch.17 Mar-02-16
ch.16 Feb-23-16
ch.15 Feb-22-16
ch.14 Feb-18-16
ch.13 Feb-17-16
ch.12 Feb-15-16
ch.11 Jan-25-16
ch.10 Jan-20-16
ch.9 Jan-20-16
ch.8 Jan-20-16
ch.7 Jan-20-16
ch.6 Jan-20-16
ch.5 Jan-20-16
ch.4 Jan-20-16
ch.3 Jan-20-16
ch.2 Jan-20-16
ch.1 Jan-20-16
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