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  • Hajime no Ippo

    Alternative : Hajime no ippo manga ; はじめの一歩 ; 第一神拳 ; Fight Ippo !! ; Fighting Spirit ; Hajime no Ippo. The Fighting! ; HnI ; Ippo ; Ippo, la rage de vaincre ; Knockout ; Первый шаг. Дух борьбы (Russian) ; ก้าวแรกสู่สังเวียน (Thai) ; Primul Pas (Română)
  • Author(s): Morikawa Jyoji
  • Genres : 4 koma - Action - Adult - Comedy - Cooking - Doujinshi - Drama - Martial arts - Shounen - Sports
  • Status : Ongoing
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Hajime no Ippo summary:

Hajime no Ippo manga is japanese manga written by George Morikawa
Several bullies directed by Umezawa got into the practice of picking on him, because he kept to himself. One day, he was given a somewhat serious beating by these bullies. A middleweight professional fighter who was passing by to treat his wounds and took the wounded Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym,owned by retired fighter Genji Kamogawa, stopped the bullies. After Ippo woke to the sounds of fighters training, the fighter who saved him, Mamoru Takamura, strove to cheer upward Ippo by letting him vent his frustrations on a sandbag. It was then that they had their first peek into Ippo's gift for boxing.

Hajime no Ippo manga online

Main char in Hajime no Ippo manga

Next event, Ippo gave lots of idea to the scenario and determined he want to start a job as a professional fighter. He gets verbally reprimanded when he shares this message to Mamoru Takamura: Takamura believed professional boxing was being taken by Ippo too softly. Nevertheless, Takamura believed he could not instantaneously deny Ippo, particularly since his accomplishment of hitting the sandbag considerably more difficult than anybody else in the fitness center (except for Takamura).

Nevertheless, following a week of training that is demanding, entailing hours that are nightly, Ippo manages the technique in the nick of time. Ippo is invited by Takamura back.

Hajime no Ippo manga online

Hajime no Ippo manga

When they got back to the fitness center, Takamura, wasn't in any way impressed by the dearth of fighting spirit of Makunouchi, and for that reason, challenged Genji Kamogawa, the trainer to possess a training spar against an associate of the fitness center. Nevertheless, Kamogawa determines to give a serious challenge to Ippo and tells him to spar with Miyata, who's 16, the same age as Ippo. Miyata is called a boxing prodigy and is among the future expectations of Kamogawa health club. Takamura gets incredibly stressed with this particular prospect, as Miyata ability is far over the four-rounder professional fighter. Trainer Kamogawa determines he has great fighting awareness and nature and decides to coach him to finally get to be the Japanese winner having a world position while Miyata became the OPBF (Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation) Champion. Both are likely to reach full of the ranks and, eventually, fight with each other.

Hajime no Ippo Manga transform Anime

Ippo has a custom of giving him the opportunity for more information about their histories, running into his adversaries before matches as well as sympathize together. Ippo is an exceptionally afraid and humble man who never supposes he is not weak enough. Courage is instead drawn by him from understanding that he's in a position to stand up to it and seeing the effectiveness of his adversary. His friendly competition with Miyata and ippo is the primary draw in the first portion of the show. That later changes to the path of Ippo toward the world championship and eventually the Japanese Featherweight Championship. Along how the crowd is given glimpses to the other characters' histories, relationships to others motivations, and present boxing trials. The series is rounded out by a brilliant cast of supporting characters and adversaries along with side stories concerning their courses.

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Hajime no Ippo Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.1173 Mar-25-17
ch.1172 Mar-17-17
ch.1170 Feb-22-17
vol.93 ch.1168 Jan-31-17
vol.93 ch.1167 Feb-01-17
ch.1166 Jan-05-17
ch.1165 Jan-05-17
ch.1163 Nov-30-16
ch.1162 Nov-30-16
ch.1161 Nov-30-16
ch.1159 Nov-12-16
ch.1157 : Magic Nov-06-16
vol.93 ch.1143 Jul-01-16
ch.1142 Jul-01-16
ch.1141 Jul-01-16
vol.93 ch.1140 Jun-24-16
vol.93 ch.1138 Jun-05-16
ch.1136 May-31-16
ch.1135 May-31-16
vol.93 ch.1130 Mar-29-16
ch.1121 : Almighty Jan-20-16
ch.1113 : Weakness Jan-20-16
vol.93 ch.1098 Jan-31-17
ch.1079 : Line Jan-20-16
ch.1069 : Oblivion Jan-20-16
ch.1028 Jan-20-16
ch.1026 : Grind... Jan-20-16
ch.1011 : Weaker Jan-20-16
ch.1005 : Memories Jan-20-16
ch.998 : Checkmate Jan-20-16
ch.979 : My Goal Jan-20-16
ch.975 : Bored Now Jan-20-16
ch.970 : Red Zone Jan-20-16
ch.969 : Final Lap Jan-20-16
ch.913 : Boy Talk Jan-20-16
ch.897 Jan-20-16
ch.891 Jan-20-16
ch.851 Jan-20-16
ch.843 : No Joke Jan-20-16
ch.842 : The Light Jan-20-16
ch.840 Jan-20-16
ch.829 : Switch Jan-20-16
ch.826 : A Cut Man Jan-20-16
ch.818 : KO Sakura Jan-20-16
ch.792 Jan-20-16
ch.788 Jan-20-16
ch.787 : I Can See Jan-20-16
ch.753 Jan-20-16
ch.752 Jan-20-16
ch.751 Jan-20-16
ch.750 Jan-20-16
ch.749 Jan-20-16
ch.748 Jan-20-16
ch.747 Jan-20-16
ch.746 Jan-20-16
ch.743 Jan-20-16
ch.742 Jan-20-16
ch.741 Jan-20-16
ch.740 Jan-20-16
ch.739 Jan-20-16
ch.738 Jan-20-16
ch.737 Jan-20-16
ch.736 Jan-20-16
ch.735 Jan-20-16
ch.734 Jan-20-16
ch.733 Jan-20-16
ch.732 Jan-20-16
ch.731 Jan-20-16
ch.730 Jan-20-16
ch.729 Jan-20-16
ch.728 Jan-20-16
ch.727 Jan-20-16
ch.726 Jan-20-16
ch.725 Jan-20-16
ch.724 Jan-20-16
ch.723 Jan-20-16
ch.722 Jan-20-16
ch.721 Jan-20-16
ch.720 Jan-20-16
ch.719 Jan-20-16
ch.718 Jan-20-16
ch.717 Jan-20-16
ch.716 Jan-20-16
ch.715 Jan-20-16
ch.714 Jan-20-16
ch.712 Jan-20-16
ch.711 Jan-20-16
ch.710 Jan-20-16
ch.709 Jan-20-16
ch.708 Jan-20-16
ch.707 Jan-20-16
ch.706 Jan-20-16
ch.705 Jan-20-16
ch.704 Jan-20-16
ch.703 Jan-20-16
ch.702 Jan-20-16
ch.701 Jan-20-16
ch.700 Jan-20-16
ch.699 Jan-20-16
ch.698 Jan-20-16
ch.697 Jan-20-16
ch.696 Jan-20-16
ch.695 Jan-20-16
ch.694 Jan-20-16
ch.693 Jan-20-16
ch.692 Jan-20-16
ch.691 Jan-20-16
ch.690 Jan-20-16
ch.689 Jan-20-16
ch.688 Jan-20-16
ch.687 Jan-20-16
ch.686 Jan-20-16
ch.685 Jan-20-16
ch.684 Jan-20-16
ch.683 Jan-20-16
ch.682 Jan-20-16
ch.681 Jan-20-16
ch.680 Jan-20-16
ch.679 Jan-20-16
ch.678 Jan-20-16
ch.677 Jan-20-16
ch.676 Jan-20-16
ch.675 Jan-20-16
ch.674 Jan-20-16
ch.673 Jan-20-16
ch.672 Jan-20-16
ch.671 Jan-20-16
ch.670 Jan-20-16
ch.669 Jan-20-16
ch.668 Jan-20-16
ch.667 Jan-20-16
ch.666 Jan-20-16
ch.665 Jan-20-16
ch.664 Jan-20-16
ch.663 Jan-20-16
ch.662 Jan-20-16
ch.660 Jan-20-16
ch.659 Jan-20-16
ch.658 Jan-20-16
ch.657 Jan-20-16
ch.656 Jan-20-16
ch.655 Jan-20-16
ch.654 Jan-20-16
ch.653 Jan-20-16
ch.652 Jan-20-16
ch.651 Jan-20-16
ch.650 Jan-20-16
ch.649 Jan-20-16
ch.647 : Trapped Jan-20-16
ch.633 : True Form Jan-20-16
ch.624 : Rival Jan-20-16
ch.595 : Dead End Jan-20-16
ch.524 : My Stage Jan-20-16
ch.492 Jan-20-16
ch.491 Jan-20-16
ch.490 Jan-20-16
ch.489 Jan-20-16
ch.488 Jan-20-16
ch.487 Jan-20-16
ch.486 Jan-20-16
ch.485 Jan-20-16
ch.484 Jan-20-16
ch.483 Jan-20-16
ch.482 Jan-20-16
ch.481 Jan-20-16
ch.480 Jan-20-16
ch.479 Jan-20-16
ch.478 Jan-20-16
ch.477 Jan-20-16
ch.476 Jan-20-16
ch.475 Jan-20-16
ch.474 Jan-20-16
ch.473 Jan-20-16
ch.472 Jan-20-16
ch.471 Jan-20-16
ch.470 Jan-20-16
ch.469 Jan-20-16
ch.468 Jan-20-16
ch.467 Jan-20-16
ch.466 Jan-20-16
ch.465 Jan-20-16
ch.464 Jan-20-16
ch.463 Jan-20-16
ch.462 Jan-20-16
ch.461 Jan-20-16
ch.460 Jan-20-16
ch.459 Jan-20-16
ch.458 Jan-20-16
ch.457 Jan-20-16
ch.456 Jan-20-16
ch.455 Jan-20-16
ch.454 Jan-20-16
ch.453 Jan-20-16
ch.452 Jan-20-16
ch.451 Jan-20-16
ch.450 Jan-20-16
ch.449 Jan-20-16
ch.448 Jan-20-16
ch.447 Jan-20-16
ch.446 Jan-20-16
ch.445 Jan-20-16
ch.444 Jan-20-16
ch.443 Jan-20-16
ch.437 : Boxer Jan-20-16
ch.424 Jan-20-16
ch.423 Jan-20-16
ch.422 Jan-20-16
ch.421 Jan-20-16
ch.420 Jan-20-16
ch.419 Jan-20-16
ch.418 Jan-20-16
ch.417 Jan-20-16
ch.416 Jan-20-16
ch.415 Jan-20-16
ch.414 Jan-20-16
ch.413 Jan-20-16
ch.412 Jan-20-16
ch.411 Jan-20-16
ch.410 Jan-20-16
ch.409 Jan-20-16
ch.408 Jan-20-16
ch.407 Jan-20-16
ch.396 : 10 Count Jan-20-16
ch.386 : Weakness Jan-20-16
ch.385 : My Left Jan-20-16
ch.384 : Practice Jan-20-16
ch.383 : For This Jan-20-16
ch.376 : Two Cries Jan-20-16
ch.375 : DNA Jan-20-16
ch.372 : Present Jan-20-16
ch.368 : Fury Jan-20-16
ch.365 : Wild Hawk Jan-20-16
ch.361 : Bloodlust Jan-20-16
ch.313 Jan-20-16
ch.312 Jan-20-16
ch.311 Jan-20-16
ch.310 Jan-20-16
ch.309 Jan-20-16
ch.308 Jan-20-16
ch.307 Jan-20-16
ch.306 Jan-20-16
ch.305 Jan-20-16
ch.304 Jan-20-16
ch.303 Jan-20-16
ch.302 Jan-20-16
ch.301 Jan-20-16
ch.300 Jan-20-16
ch.299 Jan-20-16
ch.298 Jan-20-16
ch.297 Jan-20-16
ch.296 Jan-20-16
ch.295 Jan-20-16
ch.294 Jan-20-16
ch.293 Jan-20-16
ch.292 Jan-20-16
ch.291 Jan-20-16
ch.290 Jan-20-16
ch.289 Jan-20-16
ch.288 Jan-20-16
ch.287 Jan-20-16
ch.286 Jan-20-16
ch.285 Jan-20-16
ch.284 Jan-20-16
ch.283 Jan-20-16
ch.282 Jan-20-16
ch.281 Jan-20-16
ch.280 Jan-20-16
ch.279 Jan-20-16
ch.278 Jan-20-16
ch.277 Jan-20-16
ch.276 Jan-20-16
ch.275 Jan-20-16
ch.274 Jan-20-16
ch.273 Jan-20-16
ch.272 Jan-20-16
ch.271 Jan-20-16
ch.270 Jan-20-16
ch.269 Jan-20-16
ch.268 Jan-20-16
ch.267 Jan-20-16
ch.266 Jan-20-16
ch.265 Jan-20-16
ch.264 Jan-20-16
ch.263 Jan-20-16
ch.262 Jan-20-16
ch.261 Jan-20-16
ch.260 Jan-20-16
ch.259 Jan-20-16
ch.258 Jan-20-16
ch.257 Jan-20-16
ch.256 Jan-20-16
ch.255 Jan-20-16
ch.254 Jan-20-16
ch.253 Jan-20-16
ch.252 Jan-20-16
ch.251 Jan-20-16
ch.250 Jan-20-16
ch.249 Jan-20-16
ch.248 Jan-20-16
ch.247 Jan-20-16
ch.246 Jan-20-16
ch.245 Jan-20-16
ch.244 Jan-20-16
ch.243 Jan-20-16
ch.242 Jan-20-16
ch.241 Jan-20-16
ch.240 Jan-20-16
ch.239 Jan-20-16
ch.238 Jan-20-16
ch.237 Jan-20-16
ch.236 Jan-20-16
ch.235 Jan-20-16
ch.234 Jan-20-16
ch.233 Jan-20-16
ch.232 Jan-20-16
ch.231 Jan-20-16
ch.230 Jan-20-16
ch.229 Jan-20-16
ch.228 Jan-20-16
ch.227 Jan-20-16
ch.226 Jan-20-16
ch.225 Jan-20-16
ch.224 Jan-20-16
ch.223 Jan-20-16
ch.222 Jan-20-16
ch.221 Jan-20-16
ch.220 Jan-20-16
ch.219 Jan-20-16
ch.218 Jan-20-16
ch.217 Jan-20-16
ch.216 Jan-20-16
ch.215 Jan-20-16
ch.214 Jan-20-16
ch.213 Jan-20-16
ch.212 Jan-20-16
ch.211 Jan-20-16
ch.210 Jan-20-16
ch.209 Jan-20-16
ch.208 Jan-20-16
ch.207 Jan-20-16
ch.206 Jan-20-16
ch.205 Jan-20-16
ch.204 Jan-20-16
ch.203 Jan-20-16
ch.202 Jan-20-16
ch.201 Jan-20-16
ch.200 Jan-20-16
ch.199 Jan-20-16
ch.198 Jan-20-16
ch.197 Jan-20-16
ch.196 Jan-20-16
ch.195 Jan-20-16
ch.194 Jan-20-16
ch.193 Jan-20-16
ch.192 Jan-20-16
ch.191 Jan-20-16
ch.190 Jan-20-16
ch.189 Jan-20-16
ch.188 Jan-20-16
ch.187 Jan-20-16
ch.186 Jan-20-16
ch.185 Jan-20-16
ch.184 Jan-20-16
ch.183 Jan-20-16
ch.182 Jan-20-16
ch.181 Jan-20-16
ch.180 Jan-20-16
ch.179 Jan-20-16
ch.178 Jan-20-16
ch.177 Jan-20-16
ch.176 Jan-20-16
ch.175 Jan-20-16
ch.174 Jan-20-16
ch.173 Jan-20-16
ch.172 Jan-20-16
ch.171 Jan-20-16
ch.170 Jan-20-16
ch.169 Jan-20-16
ch.168 Jan-20-16
ch.167 Jan-20-16
ch.166 Jan-20-16
ch.165 Jan-20-16
ch.164 Jan-20-16
ch.163 Jan-20-16
ch.162 Jan-20-16
ch.161 Jan-20-16
ch.160 Jan-20-16
ch.159 Jan-20-16
ch.158 Jan-20-16
ch.157 Jan-20-16
ch.156 Jan-20-16
ch.155 Jan-20-16
ch.154 Jan-20-16
ch.153 Jan-20-16
ch.152 Jan-20-16
ch.151 Jan-20-16
ch.150 Jan-20-16
ch.149 Jan-20-16
ch.148 Jan-20-16
ch.147 Jan-20-16
ch.146 Jan-20-16
ch.145 Jan-20-16
ch.144 Jan-20-16
ch.143 Jan-20-16
ch.142 Jan-20-16
ch.141 Jan-20-16
ch.140 Jan-20-16
ch.139 Jan-20-16
ch.138 Jan-20-16
ch.137 Jan-20-16
ch.136 Jan-20-16
ch.135 Jan-20-16
ch.134 Jan-20-16
ch.133 Jan-20-16
ch.132 Jan-20-16
ch.131 Jan-20-16
ch.130 Jan-20-16
ch.129 Jan-20-16
ch.128 Jan-20-16
ch.127 Jan-20-16
ch.126 Jan-20-16
ch.125 Jan-20-16
ch.124 Jan-20-16
ch.123 Jan-20-16
ch.122 Jan-20-16
ch.121 Jan-20-16
ch.120 Jan-20-16
ch.119 Jan-20-16
ch.118 Jan-20-16
ch.117 Jan-20-16
ch.116 Jan-20-16
ch.115 Jan-20-16
ch.114 Jan-20-16
ch.113 Jan-20-16
ch.112 Jan-20-16
ch.111 Jan-20-16
ch.110 Jan-20-16
ch.109 Jan-20-16
ch.108 Jan-20-16
ch.107 Jan-20-16
ch.106 Jan-20-16
ch.105 Jan-20-16
ch.104 Jan-20-16
ch.103 Jan-20-16
ch.102 Jan-20-16
ch.101 Jan-20-16
ch.100 Jan-20-16
ch.99 Jan-20-16
ch.98 Jan-20-16
ch.97 Jan-20-16
ch.96 Jan-20-16
ch.95 Jan-20-16
ch.94 Jan-20-16
ch.93 Jan-20-16
ch.92 Jan-20-16
ch.91 Jan-20-16
ch.90 Jan-20-16
ch.89 Jan-20-16
ch.88 Jan-20-16
ch.87 Jan-20-16
ch.86 Jan-20-16
ch.85 Jan-20-16
ch.84 Jan-20-16
ch.83 Jan-20-16
ch.82 Jan-20-16
ch.81 Jan-20-16
ch.80 Jan-20-16
ch.79 Jan-20-16
ch.78 Jan-20-16
ch.77 Jan-20-16
ch.76 Jan-20-16
ch.75 Jan-20-16
ch.74 Jan-20-16
ch.73 Jan-20-16
ch.72 Jan-20-16
ch.71 Jan-20-16
ch.70 Jan-20-16
ch.69 Jan-20-16
ch.68 Jan-20-16
ch.67 Jan-20-16
ch.66 Jan-20-16
ch.65 Jan-20-16
ch.64 Jan-20-16
ch.63 Jan-20-16
ch.62 Jan-20-16
ch.61 Jan-20-16
ch.57 : Mambaken Jan-20-16
ch.55 : Popular Jan-20-16
ch.45 : Clinch Jan-20-16
ch.40 : Training Jan-20-16
ch.38 : First Seed Jan-20-16
ch.37 : Hustle Jan-20-16
ch.36 : Shampoo Jan-20-16
ch.34 : Count 9 Jan-20-16
ch.32 : Stop Osma Jan-20-16
ch.30 Jan-20-16
ch.29 Jan-20-16
ch.28 Jan-20-16
ch.27 Jan-20-16
ch.26 Jan-20-16
ch.25 Jan-20-16
ch.24 Jan-20-16
ch.23 Jan-20-16
ch.22 Jan-20-16
ch.21 Jan-20-16
ch.20 Jan-20-16
ch.19 Jan-20-16
ch.18 Jan-20-16
ch.17 Jan-20-16
ch.16 Jan-20-16
ch.15 Jan-20-16
ch.14 Jan-20-16
ch.13 Jan-20-16
ch.12 Jan-20-16
ch.11 Jan-20-16
ch.10 Jan-20-16
ch.9 Jan-20-16
ch.8 Jan-20-16
ch.7 Jan-20-16
ch.6 Jan-20-16
ch.5 Jan-20-16
ch.4 Jan-20-16
ch.3 Jan-20-16
ch.2 Jan-20-16
ch.1 Jan-20-16
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