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Doupo Cangqiong summary:

In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey.

A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger.

Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything.

His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother.

And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?

Doupo Cangqiong manga online
Alternative Names Edit

Đấu Phá Thương Khung

Battle Through the Heavens
Dou Po Cang Qiong
Fights Break Sphere
Note: The names and translations are according to the Light Novel Translation and may differ from that of the Manhua translation.

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Doupo Cangqiong Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.189 Mar-17-17
ch.188 Mar-07-17
ch.187 Feb-28-17
ch.184 Jan-17-17
ch.183 Jan-14-17
ch.182 Jan-03-17
ch.181 Dec-16-16
ch.180 Dec-09-16
ch.179 Nov-26-16
ch.178 Nov-18-16
ch.177 Nov-10-16
ch.176 Nov-08-16
ch.174 Oct-08-16
ch.173 : Poisoned Sep-27-16
ch.171 Aug-30-16
ch.170 : Pain Aug-24-16
ch.169 Aug-16-16
ch.168 Aug-07-16
ch.166 Jul-22-16
ch.165 Jul-02-16
ch.164 Jun-29-16
ch.163 Jun-20-16
ch.162 Jun-03-16
ch.161 May-31-16
ch.160 May-19-16
ch.158 May-04-16
ch.157 Apr-22-16
ch.156 Apr-11-16
ch.155 Apr-04-16
ch.154 Mar-27-16
ch.153 Mar-14-16
ch.151 Feb-29-16
ch.150 Feb-16-16
ch.149 Feb-01-16
ch.148 Jan-24-16
ch.147 Jan-20-16
ch.146 v2 Jan-20-16
ch.146 Jan-20-16
ch.145 v2 Jan-20-16
ch.145 Jan-20-16
ch.144 Jan-20-16
ch.143 Jan-20-16
ch.142 Jan-20-16
ch.141 Jan-20-16
ch.140 Jan-20-16
ch.139 Jan-20-16
ch.138 Jan-20-16
ch.137 Jan-20-16
ch.136 Jan-20-16
ch.135 Jan-20-16
ch.134 Jan-20-16
ch.133 Jan-20-16
ch.132 Jan-20-16
ch.131 Jan-20-16
ch.130 Jan-20-16
ch.129 Jan-20-16
ch.128 Jan-20-16
ch.127 Jan-20-16
ch.126 Jan-20-16
ch.125 Jan-20-16
ch.124 Jan-20-16
ch.123 Jan-20-16
ch.122 Jan-20-16
ch.121 Jan-20-16
ch.120 Jan-20-16
ch.119 Jan-20-16
ch.118 Jan-20-16
ch.117 Jan-20-16
ch.116 Jan-20-16
ch.115 Jan-20-16
ch.114 Jan-20-16
ch.113 Jan-20-16
ch.111 Jan-20-16
ch.110 Jan-20-16
ch.109 Jan-20-16
ch.108 Jan-20-16
ch.107 Jan-20-16
ch.106 Jan-20-16
ch.105 Jan-20-16
ch.104 Jan-20-16
ch.103 Jan-20-16
ch.102 Jan-20-16
ch.101 Jan-20-16
ch.100 Jan-20-16
ch.99 Jan-20-16
ch.98 Jan-20-16
ch.97 Jan-20-16
ch.96 Jan-20-16
ch.95 Jan-20-16
ch.94 Jan-20-16
ch.93 Jan-20-16
ch.92 Jan-20-16
ch.91 Jan-20-16
ch.90 Jan-20-16
ch.89 Jan-20-16
ch.88 Jan-20-16
ch.87 Jan-20-16
ch.86 Jan-20-16
ch.85 Jan-20-16
ch.84 Jan-20-16
ch.83 Jan-20-16
ch.82 Jan-20-16
ch.81 Jan-20-16
ch.80 Jan-20-16
ch.79 Jan-20-16
ch.78 Jan-20-16
ch.77 Jan-20-16
ch.76 Jan-20-16
ch.75 Jan-20-16
ch.74 Jan-20-16
ch.73 Jan-20-16
ch.72 Jan-20-16
ch.71 Jan-20-16
ch.70 Jan-20-16
ch.69 Jan-20-16
ch.67 Jan-20-16
ch.66 Jan-20-16
ch.65 Jan-20-16
ch.64 Jan-20-16
ch.63 Jan-20-16
ch.62 Jan-20-16
ch.61 Jan-20-16
ch.60 Jan-20-16
ch.59 Jan-20-16
ch.58 Jan-20-16
ch.57 Jan-20-16
ch.56 Jan-20-16
ch.55 Jan-20-16
ch.54 Jan-20-16
ch.53 Jan-20-16
ch.52 Jan-20-16
ch.51 Jan-20-16
ch.50 Jan-20-16
ch.49 Jan-20-16
ch.48 Jan-20-16
ch.47 Jan-20-16
ch.46 Jan-20-16
ch.45 Jan-20-16
ch.44 Jan-20-16
ch.43 Jan-20-16
ch.42 Jan-20-16
ch.41 Jan-20-16
ch.40 Jan-20-16
ch.39 Jan-20-16
ch.38 Jan-20-16
ch.37 Jan-20-16
ch.36 Jan-20-16
ch.35 Jan-20-16
ch.34 Jan-20-16
ch.33 Jan-20-16
ch.32 Jan-20-16
ch.31 Jan-20-16
ch.30 Jan-20-16
ch.27 Jan-20-16
ch.26 Jan-20-16
ch.25 Jan-20-16
ch.24 Jan-20-16
ch.23 Jan-20-16
ch.22 Jan-20-16
ch.21 Jan-20-16
ch.20 Jan-20-16
ch.19 Jan-20-16
ch.18 Jan-20-16
ch.17 Jan-20-16
ch.16 Jan-20-16
ch.15 Jan-20-16
ch.14 Jan-20-16
ch.13 Jan-20-16
ch.12 Jan-20-16
ch.11 Jan-20-16
ch.9 Jan-20-16
ch.8 : Auction Jan-20-16
ch.7 : Training Jan-20-16
ch.5 : Conflict Jan-20-16
ch.4 : Marketplace Jan-20-16
ch.3 : Master Jan-20-16
ch.2 : Divorce! Jan-20-16
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