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  • Pocket Monster Special

    Alternative : ポケットモンスター SPECIAL ; ポケットモンスタースペシャル ; Pocket Monsters Special ; Pokémon Adventure ; Pokémon Adventures ; Pokémon Special ; PokéSpe ; PokéSpecial ; Pokemon Special ; PokeSupe
  • Author(s): Kusaka Hidenori
  • Genres : 4 koma - Action - Adult - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Shounen
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 5,968
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Pocket Monster Special summary:

Pokémon Activities are also known as by the Pocket Monsters Unique Manga, will be the greatest and most popular ongoing Pokémon manga series, that's released to date. It's writen by Hidenori Kusaka and created by Mato (vol. 10-now).

The manga is founded on the initial video gaming from Nintendo rather than the well-learn anime. Consequently, the premise features a very huge difference of major character, which are in line with the usable numbers within the activities. But while your number within the game, had no actual chracter, the protagonists have very different types.

The first, japanese edition, first produced in 1997 from Shōgakukan, a western writer for mangas.

Parallel to that particular, a writer from Singapore, Chuang Yi released an english version of the manga underneath the titel Pokémon Activities. But as the Chuang Yi edition is not censored, the VIZ Media variation is censored and both flipped two main chracters' names: Natural and Blue. Reason behind that's peaceful simpel: The names of the chracters will be the sames because the names of the videogames, the current premise is referring to. E.g. Along with the next main chracters title is "Green", reason behind the Natural version.

This wikia can often check with Orange and Natural, since the orignial japanese model, to prevent further confuse.

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Pocket Monster Special Chapters

Time uploaded
vol.53 ch.534 Dec-21-16
vol.53 ch.533 Dec-07-16
vol.52 ch.532 Apr-14-16
vol.52 ch.529 Jan-20-16
vol.52 ch.528 Jan-20-16
vol.52 ch.527 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.441 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.440 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.439 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.438 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.437 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.436 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.435 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.434 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.433 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.432 Jan-20-16
vol.40 ch.431 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.430 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.429 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.428 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.427 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.426 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.425 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.424 Jan-20-16
vol.39 ch.423 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.422 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.421 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.420 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.419 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.418 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.417 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.416 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.415 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.414 Jan-20-16
vol.38 ch.413 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.412 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.411 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.410 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.409 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.408 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.407 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.406 Jan-20-16
vol.37 ch.405 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.404 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.403 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.402 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.401 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.400 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.399 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.398 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.397 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.396 Jan-20-16
vol.36 ch.395 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.394 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.393 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.392 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.391 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.390 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.389 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.388 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.387 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.386 Jan-20-16
vol.35 ch.385 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.374 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.373 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.372 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.371 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.370 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.369 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.368 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.367 Jan-20-16
vol.33 ch.366 Jan-20-16
vol.26 ch.299 Dec-04-16
vol.25 ch.296 Jan-20-16
vol.25 ch.291 Jan-20-16
vol.25 ch.288 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.287 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.286 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.285 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.284 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.283 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.282 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.281 Jan-20-16
vol.24 ch.280 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.279 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.278 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.277 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.276 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.275 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.274 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.273 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.272 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.271 Jan-20-16
vol.23 ch.270 Jan-20-16
vol.22 ch.260 Jan-20-16
vol.20 ch.239 Jan-20-16
vol.19 ch.233.8 Jan-20-16
vol.19 ch.227 Jan-20-16
vol.18 ch.221.9 Jan-20-16
vol.18 ch.215 Jan-20-16
vol.17 ch.203.2 Jan-20-16
vol.17 ch.203 Jan-20-16
vol.15 ch.183.5 Jan-20-16
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