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  • Kyou kara Ore wa!!

    Alternative : От днес нататък е мой ред ; С этого дня я буду ; 今日から俺は!! ; 我是大哥大!! ; 오늘부터 우리는 ; Due come noi ; From Today On, It's My Turn!! ; KKOW ; Od dziś, moja kolej !! ; Simula Ngayon, Ako Naman!! ; Cặp Bài Trùng
  • Author(s): Nishimori Hiroyuki
  • Genres : Action - Adult - Comedy - Cooking - Demons - Romance - School life - Shounen
  • Status : Completed
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Kyou kara Ore wa!! summary:

The sequence was posted in Shōnen Sunday Very operating regular from 1988 size 9 through 1990 volume 38. The sequence was subsequently offered towards the weekly publication Shōnen Sunday from 1990 size 40 through 1997 volume 47.

Two children, Takashi Mitsuhashi and Shinji Itō match one another in a salon. As it happens both children are shifting to some new-school and choose to consider the ability to reinvent themselves. No more can they be run of the work students, they'll get to be the largest delinquents Japan has seen!

Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! manga online

Takashi Mitsuhashi

Key character, 181 cm tall. In the beginning of the history, he was around 15-16 yrs old. Being an incredibly athletic individual, he really becomes a genuine delinquent and used his ability for your main reason for brawling. He dyed his hair red to produce his look more visible. Being one of the most self centered person within this manga, their own protection comes before someone elseis, he usually sacrifices his "buddies" for his cause. He's clever and selfish. While, a softer side lies, which displays from time to time, specially when he's angry. Their fighting style relies around his pace, as he usually dodges many episodes, when he's required to dam on account of being faster than the majority of the people getting shocked he encounters.

Shinji Itou
An entire change of Mitsuhashi, Itouis the type of righteous person. Similar to Mitsuhashi, Itou got utilized in the first year of Nan substantial. Like his character, his fighting style can be the contrary of Mitsuhashiis; frequently and he is extremely challenging stands up within the most hopeless of conditions, perhaps from any beating. Although he might be as powerful as Mitsuhashi, Itou is beat-up a great deal more frequently than Mitsuhashi because of preventing good in illegal circumstances or against competitors that are numerable together with frequently sacrificing herself to safeguard others. On account of his support, he wins Kyouko's love -chan, an ex-overdue woman, in the beginning of the line.

Riko Akasaka
The sole child of the Akasaka style school, principal heroine. Actually she visited another high school than Itou and Mitsuhashi, but finally chose to move to Nan large rather to settle the favor of Mitsuhashi. Though she was once extremely popular at her old-school, in Nan large she's originally considered "odd" due to her continually going out with Mitsuhashi. She it is one of many people near to him who recognize his softer side and is passionately involved in Mitsuhashi. She's the only real one who identifies Mitsuhashi as "San-chan" since 三 (mitsu) can also be read whilst the number 3 (san).

Ryou Tanaka
Scholar of the Akasaka style school, as well as in love with Riko. 160cm tall. Their sense of justice is powerful as Itouis, and he's a small individual who is prepared to assist people in need out when they can. Interestingly, they can carry their own against Mitsuhashi.

Shuuichi Takasaki
A fine exchange student from Saitama, around 180 cm high (he's small legs though). He was easily at enmity with Mitsuhashi due to his righteous character, a lot more than Itou, and actually utilized in Nan superior to prevent trouble through the Kitagawa episode at his homeplace of Saitama. While he appeared, he seemingly have the same appeal when he beat the pair in a match of Judo towards women as Itou, which simply expanded. By the end of the Kitagawa event, he got to understand the true nature of Mitsuhashi and turned buddy using them, encouraging them numerous instances in combat so that you can settle their favor. There is within the manga, a running joke when Itou does anything psychological with Kyouko, he seems and watch an awkward scene.

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