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Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! summary:

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In Reborn! The Vongola IX--the present head of the family, Timoteo --, sends a baby hitman from Italy, Reborn, to train the Tsuna that is unwilling. Reborn's primary teaching method is the "Deathperate Bullet", which induces someone to be "reborn" with a more powerful self to carry out his dying wish. The awkward, Tsuna that is underachieving becomes more confident, more powerful and willing, making him an appropriate Vongola family manager despite his hesitation that is continuing.

The Vongola assassin squad, the Varia, need Xanxus, their manager, start a contest with Tsuna and to be the Vongola leader.

After conquering his buddies and the Varia Tsuna are carried to the near future to manage the Millefiore family, that are killing the Vongolas. They find that the seven most powerful babies, the Arcobaleno, are not alive except for Lal Mirch. They learn that a comrade of Tsuna's future self, Shoichi Irie, sent them to the near future as the future Tsuna said they were the sole ones in a position to get the better of Millefiore leader Byakuran when the Vongola and Tsuna defenders fight the Millefiore. Byakuran, that has got knowledge from parallel worlds, desires to get each of the Mafia rings to become omniscient.

His group and Tsuna defeat Byakuran and go back to the present, where they learn he is to be set up as Vongola X. The service is interrupted for supposedly betraying the very first Shimon leader by the Shimon Family, who've vowed vengeance on the Vongola founding father. Tsuna faces the Shimon Family on a secluded isle; the Vindice, another Mafia family, are active in the battle and imprison the losers. After several conflicts it's learned that Daemon Spade, first Vongola generation guard and an illusionist, was controlling Shimon, utilizing the battle remake the Vongolas in his picture and to command Mukuro Rokudo. The combined potency of Shimon's and Tsuna leader, Enma Kozato, gets the better of him.

After Tsuna makes up with Shimon, the other Arcobaleno along with Reborn compete among themselves to remove their hex. Each Arcobaleno selects a representative to fight for them, as well as the curse can be undone by the victor. The Vindice enter the contest, telling Tsuna and Reborn the tournament is a front for the choice of a fresh Arcobaleno; the preceding Arcobaleno become or expire Vindice. Tsuna joins the teams that are remaining to get the better of the Vindice, a former Arcobaleno, as well as Bermuda. Locating another solution to maintain the Trini-establish not dangerous, take away the hex and Kawahira consents to entrust it.

Following the Arcobaleno conflict, Tsuna refuses to become the tenth head of Reborn leaves and the Vongola Family. A week after his departure, Tsuna realises he is his self that is no great; nothing has changed.

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.399 : Dilemma Jan-20-16
ch.398 : Vs Jager Jan-20-16
ch.379 : Damage Jan-20-16
ch.370 : Lesson Jan-20-16
ch.369 : Rematch Jan-20-16
ch.361 : Present Jan-20-16
ch.352 : Proposal Jan-20-16
ch.351 : Request Jan-20-16
ch.350 : Bad Dream Jan-20-16
ch.343 : Oath Jan-20-16
ch.342 Jan-20-16
ch.333 : Swear Jan-20-16
ch.330 : Reunion Jan-20-16
ch.327 : Beseech Jan-20-16
ch.326 : Reality Jan-20-16
ch.324 : Betrayal Jan-20-16
ch.316 : Tears Jan-20-16
ch.314 : For Who Jan-20-16
ch.313 : Nii Chan Jan-20-16
ch.308 : Key Jan-20-16
ch.307 : Limit Jan-20-16
ch.306 : Eye Jan-20-16
ch.302 : Pursuit Jan-20-16
ch.300 : Upgrade Jan-20-16
ch.299 : Talbot Jan-20-16
ch.297 : Blood Jan-20-16
ch.294 : Decision Jan-20-16
ch.291 : Ninth Jan-20-16
ch.289 : Tension Jan-20-16
ch.288 : BodyGuard Jan-20-16
ch.286 : Empathy Jan-20-16
ch.285 : Gathering Jan-20-16
ch.276 : Resonance Jan-20-16
ch.272 : Ghost Jan-20-16
ch.269 : Round 1 Jan-20-16
ch.267 : Collision Jan-20-16
ch.266 : Right Arm Jan-20-16
ch.265 Jan-20-16
ch.264 : Eve Jan-20-16
ch.262 : Reunion Jan-20-16
ch.261 : Handcuff Jan-20-16
ch.260 Jan-20-16
ch.258 : Escape Jan-20-16
ch.257 : Namimori Jan-20-16
ch.256 Jan-20-16
ch.255 : Decisions Jan-20-16
ch.247 : Rematch Jan-20-16
ch.240 : Ticket Jan-20-16
ch.238 : Changing Jan-20-16
ch.236 : Boycott Jan-20-16
ch.234 : Monster Jan-20-16
ch.233 : Motorbike Jan-20-16
ch.232 : Choice Jan-20-16
ch.231 Jan-20-16
ch.230 : Rest Jan-20-16
ch.229 : Return Jan-20-16
ch.227 : Real Jan-20-16
ch.219 : The Truth Jan-20-16
ch.218 : Arrival Jan-20-16
ch.216 : Hell Ring Jan-20-16
ch.215 : Loyalty Jan-20-16
ch.213 Jan-20-16
ch.211 : Charge Jan-20-16
ch.210 : Berserk Jan-20-16
ch.205 : Awakening Jan-20-16
ch.202 Jan-20-16
ch.201 : Intruders Jan-20-16
ch.200 : Mist Jan-20-16
ch.198 : Genkishi Jan-20-16
ch.195 : Uri Jan-20-16
ch.190 : Vs Gamma Jan-20-16
ch.187 : Captive Jan-20-16
ch.184 : Flight Jan-20-16
ch.183 : King Jan-20-16
ch.181 : Decoy Jan-20-16
ch.180 : Regret Jan-20-16
ch.178 : Fate Jan-20-16
ch.176 : Raid Jan-20-16
ch.172 : Threat Jan-20-16
ch.171 : Dream Jan-20-16
ch.170 : Weapon Jan-20-16
ch.162 : The Past Jan-20-16
ch.161 : 7^3 Jan-20-16
ch.159 : Ver VR Jan-20-16
ch.157 : Trial Jan-20-16
ch.155 : Return Jan-20-16
ch.153 : Torture Jan-20-16
ch.146 : Lal Mirch Jan-20-16
ch.142 : Reunion Jan-20-16
ch.141 : Byakuran Jan-20-16
ch.135 : Party Jan-20-16
ch.131 : Fury Jan-20-16
ch.130 : Revised Jan-20-16
ch.124 : Summons Jan-20-16
ch.115 : Nagi Jan-20-16
ch.92 : Encounter Jan-20-16
ch.78 : New Item Jan-20-16
ch.75 : Skill Jan-20-16
ch.73 : Break In Jan-20-16
ch.70 : Contact Jan-20-16
ch.62 : Raid Jan-20-16
ch.61 : Promotion Jan-20-16
ch.51 : June Bride Jan-20-16
ch.47 : Bowling Jan-20-16
ch.42 : The Zoo Jan-20-16
ch.28 : Dino Again Jan-20-16
ch.23 : I-Pin Jan-20-16
ch.22 : Birthday Jan-20-16
ch.15 : DrShamal Jan-20-16
ch.11 : Miura Haru Jan-20-16
ch.9 : Bianchi Jan-20-16
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