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Initial D summary:

Initial D is just a Japanese sports manga series explained and created by Shuichi Shigeno. It had been serialized in Small Publication from 1995 using the sections gathered into 48 tankobon lists by Kodansha, to 2013. The story centers around the entire world of illegal Japanese road race, with the drift racing model emphasized specifically, and where every one of the activity is focused within the mountain passes and seldom in locations or cities. Leader and professional racecar driver of moving Keiichi Tsuchiya contributed to editorial oversight. The story is dedicated to the prefecture of Gunma particularly on many hills inside their surrounding cities as well as in the Kanto area and areas.

Takumi Fujiwara, the character, is just a gas station clerk dealing with his friend Itsuki to purchase a vehicle, that they intend to move around the twisting streets surrounding nearby Mount Akina.

Dispirited after seeing the RedSuns' excellent performance within a training work, the Speedstars be prepared to lose. That evening, the Red Suns' Number 2 driver, going home following the last exercise work, is beaten soundly with a strange Sprinter Trueno, despite operating a more powerful vehicle. A study to the driver's identification contributes to Bunta Fujiwara, Takumi's father. The Speedstars beg Bunta to assist them destroy the RedSuns, and he denies relenting to "perhaps" appear in the competition. In the same time, Takumi demands Bunta if he is able to use the automobile to get a day-to vacation towards the beach having a prospective partner, and Bunta grabs as soon as by giving approval (and also a whole container of gas) about the situation that Takumi beats the Red Suns driver.

To the nights the competition, the Trueno doesn't appear, as well as the Speedstars get a copy driver for that first-run. In the last minute prior to the battle begins, the Trueno happens. Through the use of a risky strategy around the hairpin corners in the hill path, he simply beats the Red Suns driver.

He joins an experimental race group produced from the disbanded Red Suns and issues more challenging opponents within the search for his desire to become "the fastest driver available" on the house programs.

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Takumi Fujiwara
The collection, Takumi's primary character grows his sporting abilities while operating a vintage Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, to become among the fastest people in Kanto. While Takumi thinks this to become only a career, his dad had really altered quietly him into developing driving skills, without having to be fully conscious of Bunta's purpose.

Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta is who owns the Fujiwara Tofu Store and it is Takumi's daddy. He was previously the No.1 downhill racing in Mt. Akina years back, however now courses the racing development of Takumi.

Ryosuke Takahashi
Ryosuke is among the most experienced individuals inside the collection as Red Suns/ the boss of Project N and older brother to Keisuke. He pushes a Mazda Savanna rx 7 FC3S. Ryosuke can be a cerebral driver as he can tell exactly what a driver is able to by simply seeing the vehicle move, and reading it has built to a vehicle just what type of changes and pores over-technical information. He's also known as "Akagi's Bright Comet" in mention of his early racing days.

Keisuke Takahashi
Keisuke may be the hillclimb star for Project D along with the number 2 driver for your Red Suns. Keisuke drives a Mazda RX7 FD3S, and it is an experienced driver second and then his brother. Keisuke can be not a fairly cold and doesn't like losing. He'snot diagnostic like his older brother, but Ryosuke is amazed by his capability to do just what he thinks, also to consider less while he's driving. Due to his initial activities with Takumi, he's the main competitor of Takumi.

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Initial D Chapters

Time uploaded
vol.48 chapter 719 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 718 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 717 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 716 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 715 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 714 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 713 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 712 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 711 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 710 Jan-20-16
vol.48 chapter 709 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 708 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 707 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 706 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 705 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 704 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 703 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 702 Jan-20-16
vol.47 chapter 701 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 700 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 699 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 698 Dec-05-16
vol.46 chapter 697 Dec-05-16
vol.46 chapter 696 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 695 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 694 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 693 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 692 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 691 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 688 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 687 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 686 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 685 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 684 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 683 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 682 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 681 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 680 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 679 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 678 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 677 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 676 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 675 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 674 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 673 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 672 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 671 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 670 Jan-20-16
vol.46 chapter 669 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 668 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 667 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 666 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 665 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 664 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 663 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 662 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 661 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 660 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 659 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 658 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 657 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 656 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 655 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 654 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 653 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 652 Jan-20-16
vol.45 chapter 651 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 650 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 649 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 648 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 647 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 646 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 645 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 644 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 643 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 642 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 641 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 640 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 639 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 638 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 637 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 636 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 635 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 634 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 633 Jan-20-16
vol.44 chapter 632 Jan-20-16
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