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Hetalia World Stars summary:

Hetalia: Axis Powers  is a Japanese webcomic, later adapted as a manga and an anime series, by Hidekaz Himaruya. The series' main presentation is as an often over-the-top allegory of political and historic events as well as more general cultural comparisons. Characters are personifications of countries, regions such as Hong Kong and micronations with little reference to other national personifications. Both positive and negative cultural stereotypes form part of each character's personality.

Hetalia: Axis Powers manga online
The character roster is large and far from complete, but the main cast is primarily the countries which made up the Axis powers and Allies of World War II - namely Italy (North Italy in particular), Germany, Japan, United States, England, France, Russia, and China. Hetalia is a portmanteau combining hetare. The main storyline's events occur during World War II, but the vast majority of the comics take place during other historical events, modern holidays, or at no specific time whatsoever. The series often uses satire and light-hearted comedy to reinterpret well-known events as well as less common historical and cultural trivia. Historical, political, economic, and military interaction between countries is generally represented in Hetalia as social interactions and misunderstandings between the characters.


Italy or Northern Italy, the primary protagonist and the title character, is a bright, energetic and sweet young man. He is depicted at various points in the story as the grandson and successor of the powerful but deceased Roman Empire (known as Grandpa Rome), and is recognized as the weakest character in the series who is a carefree and cowardly soldier that relies on Germany to resolve issues. His artistry and extreme love of pasta and pizza are references to Italian cuisine. He uses his adorable ways and cute face to charm any girl he meets and is intended to be a "lovable loser". This Italy represents the northern half of the country of Italy, while his older brother represents the southern half. Hence, their full character names "Italy Veneziano (a term to describe someone from the North-Italian city of Venice)" (North), and "Italy Romano" (South). The brothers and other normal Italians seen in the series have a strange hair curl sticking out. Compared with his older brother, Veneziano has lighter auburn hair and amber eyes, which he rarely opens. Both Italies are voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese. North Italy also stars in the Chibitalia sub-story, about his childhood as part of the Holy Roman Empire, run by Austria. In English, he is voiced by Todd Haberkorn and Romano is voiced by Ian Sinclair. Young Italy, known as Chibitalia is voiced by Aki Kanada in Japanese and Brina Palencia in English, while the Young Romano is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Germany Germany
Germany is a hard-working, efficient, bureaucratic, and the designated "serious", character of the series. In the series, Germany is primus inter pares among the Axis Powers, and takes responsibility for the training of Italy and Japan. He has light blue eyes and combed-back blond hair with sideburns. Due to his hard training and regulated life, he is depicted as an extremely muscular man, who was initially supposed to be "ugly" (as Himaruya jokingly reflects in the additional sketches of the Volume Five Special), but instead turned out handsome "in a different way" from other characters. He considers the deceased Roman Empire as his hero, and so is understandably shocked when he discovers what a wimp his grandson is. Another aspect of his character is his relative inexperience with relationships, leading him to be a very literally by-the-book person with the belief that things will go wrong if people do not follow instructions to the letter. His extreme devotion to the military lifestyle would make him an effective leader, if not for the fact that he is constantly baby-sitting Italy. Despite this, as the series progresses he forms a close relationship with Italy. The personification of Prussia, meanwhile, (somehow) still exists even in modern settings as Germany's older brother, and seems to represent East Germany during the days of the Cold War as he calls Germany "West". Both siblings enjoy beer, potatoes, and wursts immensely, and although Germany is laden with his responsibilities concerning Italy, he admires the culture and scenery of Italy very much, to the point that he goes sightseeing regularly (which frightens the Italians). In stories with modern settings, Germany is shown to be a hard worker concerning economy and environmentally-friendly schemes, the latter to the point where he is obsessed with recycling. In the anime series, he is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English.

Japan Japan 
Japan, is a reclusive, painfully polite, and hard-working character. When he introduces himself to Italy, he says that his hobby "is to read the atmosphere of a conversation and to refrain from speaking." He has a habit of answering difficult demands with vague replies, such as "Perhaps next time", "I'll think about it", and "I will try my best". The answer for all of these means "No". He seems to have a problem with others being in his personal space, for he gets uncomfortable if anyone touches him or gets too close. In the series, he is shown to be inexperienced with the Western world, and prone to culture shock. Having stayed in isolation for almost 300 years, he is also depicted as a "hikikomori", and is shown to have holed himself in his room, under blankets for so long, that when Holland comes to warn him of America's Perry coming, he states that he will "melt in the sunlight". He looks young, but claims he is very old, he is in need of a mirror, and his character design features dark brown eyes and jet black hair. He often tries to adopt the cultures of other countries he meets such as France, but ends up secretly shocked or awkwardly confused in the end. In such an episode (with France) it is revealed that Japan is left handed by the way he is holding a pen and notepad. Although Japan has trouble understanding "western culture," and the things he believes are "normal" generally aren't, he is very good with technology, and is especially proficient in making things smaller and compact. He enjoys watching the seasons change and has many occasions for almost every month, which keeps him busy the whole year. Generally quiet, he is often depicted with the attitude of a businesslike old man. Japan also has an Otaku side to his usually quiet character. Like China, he loves cute things and is shown to have had a guinea pig and a dog at one point (when he came out of isolation/hikikimori), and is the owner of Japancat, which he calls Tama. In the anime series, he is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in Japanese and Christopher Bevins in English.

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Hetalia World Stars Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 281 Jun-23-17
chapter 280 Jun-19-17
chapter 279 Jun-14-17
chapter 278 Jun-13-17
chapter 277 Jun-13-17
chapter 276 Jun-09-17
chapter 275 May-31-17
chapter 274 May-31-17
chapter 273 May-26-17
chapter 272 May-24-17
chapter 271 May-18-17
chapter 270 May-18-17
chapter 269 May-12-17
chapter 268 May-09-17
chapter 267 May-04-17
chapter 266 May-04-17
chapter 265 Apr-28-17
chapter 264 Apr-28-17
chapter 263 Apr-28-17
chapter 262 Apr-19-17
chapter 261 Apr-13-17
chapter 260 Apr-11-17
chapter 259 Apr-07-17
chapter 257 Apr-01-17
chapter 256 Mar-28-17
chapter 255 Mar-28-17
chapter 254 Mar-21-17
chapter 253 Mar-21-17
chapter 252 Mar-14-17
chapter 251 Mar-08-17
chapter 250 Mar-06-17
chapter 249 Mar-01-17
chapter 248 Feb-27-17
chapter 247 Feb-27-17
chapter 246 Feb-21-17
chapter 245 Feb-16-17
chapter 244 Feb-13-17
chapter 243 Feb-09-17
chapter 242 Feb-06-17
chapter 241 Feb-06-17
chapter 240 Feb-06-17
chapter 239 Jan-25-17
chapter 238 Jan-22-17
chapter 237 Jan-19-17
chapter 236 Jan-14-17
chapter 235 Jan-10-17
chapter 234 Jan-10-17
chapter 233 Jan-03-17
chapter 232 Jan-04-17
chapter 231 Jan-03-17
chapter 230 Dec-23-16
chapter 229 Dec-16-16
chapter 228 Dec-07-16
chapter 227 Nov-28-16
chapter 226 Nov-28-16
chapter 225 Nov-22-16
chapter 224 Nov-18-16
chapter 223 Nov-15-16
chapter 222 Nov-14-16
chapter 221 Nov-10-16
chapter 220 Nov-09-16
chapter 219 Nov-01-16
chapter 218 Oct-31-16
chapter 217 Oct-28-16
chapter 216 Oct-27-16
chapter 215 Oct-18-16
chapter 214 Oct-17-16
chapter 213 Oct-12-16
chapter 212 Oct-09-16
chapter 211 Oct-07-16
chapter 210 Oct-03-16
chapter 209 Sep-26-16
chapter 208 Sep-26-16
chapter 207 Sep-20-16
chapter 206 Sep-18-16
chapter 205 Sep-18-16
chapter 204 Sep-10-16
chapter 203 Sep-08-16
chapter 202 Sep-05-16
chapter 201 Aug-31-16
chapter 200 Aug-29-16
chapter 199 Aug-24-16
chapter 198 Aug-23-16
chapter 197 Aug-23-16
chapter 196 Aug-12-16
chapter 195 Aug-12-16
chapter 194 Aug-12-16
chapter 193 Aug-08-16
chapter 192 Jul-31-16
chapter 191 Jul-31-16
chapter 190 Jul-26-16
chapter 189 Jul-22-16
chapter 188 Jul-20-16
chapter 187 Jul-20-16
chapter 186 Jul-20-16
chapter 185 Jul-07-16
chapter 184 Jul-04-16
chapter 183 Jun-29-16
chapter 182 Jun-29-16
chapter 181 Jun-21-16
chapter 180 Jun-21-16
chapter 179 Jun-14-16
chapter 178 Jun-13-16
chapter 177 Jun-07-16
chapter 176 Jun-05-16
chapter 175 May-31-16
chapter 174 May-31-16
chapter 173 May-24-16
chapter 172 May-24-16
chapter 171 May-24-16
chapter 170 May-16-16
chapter 169 May-11-16
chapter 168 May-09-16
chapter 167 May-05-16
chapter 166 May-04-16
chapter 165 Apr-26-16
chapter 164 Apr-24-16
chapter 163 Apr-20-16
chapter 162 Apr-18-16
chapter 161 Apr-14-16
chapter 160 Apr-12-16
chapter 159 Apr-05-16
chapter 158 Apr-01-16
chapter 157 Apr-01-16
chapter 156 Mar-26-16
chapter 155 Mar-22-16
chapter 154 Mar-22-16
chapter 153 Mar-17-16
chapter 152 Mar-14-16
chapter 151 Mar-08-16
chapter 150 Mar-05-16
chapter 149 Mar-01-16
chapter 148 Feb-29-16
chapter 147 Feb-23-16
chapter 146 Feb-22-16
chapter 145 Feb-17-16
chapter 144 Feb-17-16
chapter 143 Feb-17-16
chapter 142 Feb-08-16
chapter 141 Feb-01-16
chapter 140 Jan-30-16
chapter 139 Jan-25-16
chapter 138 Jan-25-16
chapter 137 Jan-25-16
chapter 136 Jan-20-16
chapter 135 Jan-20-16
chapter 134 Jan-20-16
chapter 133 Jan-20-16
chapter 132 Jan-20-16
chapter 131 v2 Jan-20-16
chapter 131 Jan-20-16
chapter 130 v2 Jan-20-16
chapter 130 Jan-20-16
chapter 129 Jan-20-16
chapter 128 Jan-20-16
chapter 127 Jan-20-16
chapter 126 Jan-20-16
chapter 125 Jan-20-16
chapter 124 Jan-20-16
chapter 123 Jan-20-16
chapter 122 Jan-20-16
chapter 121 Jan-20-16
chapter 120 Jan-20-16
chapter 119 Jan-20-16
chapter 118 Jan-20-16
chapter 117 Jan-20-16
chapter 116 Jan-20-16
chapter 115 Jan-20-16
chapter 114 Jan-20-16
chapter 113 Jan-20-16
chapter 112 Jan-20-16
chapter 111 Jan-20-16
chapter 110 Jan-20-16
chapter 109 Jan-20-16
chapter 108 Jan-20-16
chapter 107 Jan-20-16
chapter 106 Jan-20-16
chapter 105 Jan-20-16
chapter 104 Jan-20-16
chapter 103 Jan-20-16
chapter 102 Jan-20-16
chapter 101 Jan-20-16
chapter 100 Jan-20-16
chapter 99 Jan-20-16
chapter 98 Jan-20-16
chapter 97 Jan-20-16
chapter 96 Jan-20-16
chapter 95 Jan-20-16
chapter 94 Jan-20-16
chapter 93 Jan-20-16
chapter 92 Jan-20-16
chapter 91 Jan-20-16
chapter 90 Jan-20-16
chapter 89 Jan-20-16
chapter 88 Jan-20-16
chapter 87 Jan-20-16
chapter 86 Jan-20-16
chapter 85 Jan-20-16
chapter 84 Jan-20-16
chapter 83 Jan-20-16
chapter 82 Jan-20-16
chapter 81 Jan-20-16
chapter 80 Jan-20-16
chapter 79 Jan-20-16
chapter 78 Jan-20-16
chapter 77 Jan-20-16
chapter 76 Jan-20-16
chapter 75 Jan-20-16
chapter 74 Jan-20-16
chapter 73 Jan-20-16
chapter 72 Jan-20-16
chapter 71 Jan-20-16
chapter 70 Jan-20-16
chapter 69 Jan-20-16
chapter 68 Jan-20-16
chapter 67 Jan-20-16
chapter 66 Jan-20-16
chapter 65 Jan-20-16
chapter 64 Jan-20-16
chapter 63 Jan-20-16
chapter 62 Jan-20-16
chapter 61 Jan-20-16
chapter 60 Jan-20-16
chapter 59 Jan-20-16
chapter 58 Jan-20-16
chapter 57 Jan-20-16
chapter 56 Jan-20-16
chapter 55 Jan-20-16
chapter 54 Jan-20-16
chapter 53 Jan-20-16
chapter 52 Jan-20-16
chapter 51 Jan-20-16
chapter 50 Dec-04-16
chapter 49 Dec-04-16
chapter 48 Dec-04-16
chapter 47 Dec-04-16
chapter 46 Jan-20-16
chapter 45 Jan-20-16
chapter 44 Jan-20-16
chapter 43 Jan-20-16
chapter 42 Jan-20-16
chapter 41 Jan-20-16
chapter 40 Jan-20-16
chapter 39 Jan-20-16
chapter 38 Jan-20-16
chapter 37 Jan-20-16
chapter 36 Jan-20-16
chapter 35 Jan-20-16
chapter 34 Jan-20-16
chapter 33 Jan-20-16
chapter 32 Jan-20-16
chapter 31 Jan-20-16
chapter 30 Jan-20-16
chapter 29 Jan-20-16
chapter 28 Jan-20-16
chapter 27 Jan-20-16
chapter 26 Jan-20-16
chapter 25 Jan-20-16
chapter 24 Jan-20-16
chapter 23 Jan-20-16
chapter 22 Jan-20-16
chapter 21 Jan-20-16
chapter 20 Jan-20-16
chapter 19 Jan-20-16
chapter 18 Jan-20-16
chapter 17 Jan-20-16
chapter 16 Jan-20-16
chapter 15 Jan-20-16
chapter 14 Jan-20-16
chapter 13 Jan-20-16
chapter 12 Jan-20-16
chapter 11 Jan-20-16
chapter 10 Jan-20-16
chapter 9 Jan-20-16
chapter 8 Jan-20-16
chapter 7 Jan-20-16
chapter 6 Jan-20-16
chapter 5 Jan-20-16
chapter 4 Jan-20-16
chapter 3 Jan-20-16
chapter 2 Jan-20-16
chapter 1 Jan-20-16
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