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  • Dolly Kill Kill

    Alternative : ドリィ❤キルキル
  • Author(s): Kurando Yukiaki
  • Genres : 4 koma - Action - Comedy - Horror
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • View : 7,274
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  • rate : 3.75/ 5 - 4 votes

Dolly Kill Kill summary:

Humanity's peaceful days all at once transform into an unspeakably odious hell. The sudden invasion of wasp-like insects, along with gargantuan "dolls" wielding their enormous alien weapons, annihilating everyone in their path. In the middle of the chaos, high school first-year, Iruma Ikaruga, fights to save his best friend and his beloved senpai from the dolls' assault with an unyielding spirit. However, all that awaits him is despair. Just what are the enormous puppets known as "Dolly"after? What fate awaits Iruma? The curtain has risen on humanity's "puppet show" of unimaginable despair, and the battle for survival has begun.

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Dolly Kill Kill Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.131 Mar-24-17
ch.129 Mar-17-17
ch.128 Mar-03-17
ch.127 Feb-22-17
ch.126 Feb-09-17
ch.125 Feb-07-17
ch.124 Feb-07-17
ch.123 Jan-22-17
ch.122 Jan-20-17
ch.121 Jan-05-17
ch.120 Dec-29-16
ch.119 Dec-19-16
ch.118 Dec-12-16
ch.117 Dec-07-16
ch.116 Dec-05-16
ch.115 Nov-21-16
ch.114 Nov-11-16
ch.113 Nov-11-16
ch.112 Nov-05-16
ch.111 Oct-31-16
ch.110 Oct-12-16
ch.109 Oct-08-16
ch.108 Oct-08-16
ch.106 Sep-10-16
ch.105 Sep-10-16
ch.104 Sep-10-16
ch.103 Aug-22-16
ch.102 Aug-15-16
ch.101 Aug-15-16
ch.99 : Rematch Aug-01-16
ch.98 : Scum Jul-13-16
ch.95 : Dive Jun-28-16
ch.94 Jun-20-16
ch.93 : Deception Jun-05-16
ch.92 : Pro Jun-05-16
ch.91 : Copulation Dec-04-16
ch.90 : 1 VS. 1 May-31-16
ch.88 : Support May-10-16
ch.87 : Dreams Dec-04-16
ch.86 May-04-16
ch.84 Apr-18-16
ch.83 Apr-11-16
ch.82 Apr-05-16
ch.81 : Conviction Mar-21-16
ch.79 Mar-01-16
ch.78 Feb-22-16
ch.77 : Empathy Feb-14-16
ch.76 : Villans Feb-08-16
ch.74 Jan-29-16
ch.72 Jan-20-16
ch.71 Jan-20-16
ch.70 Jan-20-16
ch.69 Jan-20-16
ch.68 Jan-20-16
ch.67 Jan-20-16
ch.66 Jan-20-16
ch.65 Jan-20-16
ch.64 Jan-20-16
ch.63 Jan-20-16
ch.62 Jan-20-16
ch.61 Jan-20-16
ch.60 Jan-20-16
ch.59 Jan-20-16
ch.58 Jan-20-16
ch.57 Jan-20-16
ch.56 Jan-20-16
ch.55 Jan-20-16
ch.54 Jan-20-16
ch.53 Jan-20-16
ch.52 Jan-20-16
ch.51 Jan-20-16
ch.50 Jan-20-16
ch.49 Jan-20-16
ch.48 Jan-20-16
ch.47 Jan-20-16
ch.46 Jan-20-16
ch.45 Jan-20-16
ch.44 Jan-20-16
ch.43 Jan-20-16
ch.42 Jan-20-16
ch.41 Jan-20-16
ch.40 Jan-20-16
ch.39 Jan-20-16
ch.38 Jan-20-16
ch.37 Jan-20-16
ch.36 Jan-20-16
ch.35 Jan-20-16
ch.34 Jan-20-16
ch.33 Jan-20-16
ch.32 Jan-20-16
ch.31 Jan-20-16
ch.30 Jan-20-16
ch.29 Jan-20-16
ch.28 Jan-20-16
ch.27 Jan-20-16
ch.26 Jan-20-16
ch.25 Jan-20-16
ch.24 Jan-20-16
ch.23 Jan-20-16
ch.22 Jan-20-16
ch.21 Jan-20-16
ch.20 Jan-20-16
ch.19 Jan-20-16
ch.18 Jan-20-16
ch.17 Jan-20-16
ch.16 Jan-20-16
ch.15 Jan-20-16
ch.14 Jan-20-16
ch.13 Jan-20-16
ch.12 Jan-20-16
ch.11 Jan-20-16
ch.10 Jan-20-16
ch.9 Jan-20-16
ch.8 Jan-20-16
ch.7 Jan-20-16
ch.6 Jan-20-16
ch.5 Jan-20-16
ch.4 Jan-20-16
ch.3 Jan-20-16
ch.2 Jan-20-16
ch.1 Jan-20-16
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