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Black Kanojo summary:

Shogakukan within their Betsucomi magazine has serialized it since 2007. It shows the senior high school girl who are able to see supernatural beings' life.

Generally, the enemies could do things that are ordinary. But the animals, on her sixteenth birthday she recognizes go on it by looking to kill her further. a childhood friend stored her from her earlier, Kyo Usui, who is actually a demon also.


Misao Harada
Misao is a sixteen-year old high school student. She's been affected with all the power to see challenges since birth. The enemies were safe until her sixteenth birthday; around the evening she turned sixteen, a creature holding one of many colleges idols attacks her. Before she was hurt further, Kyō found save her and recovered her injury by licking it. It's that she finds he is just a devil which she's the prediction" for your head of the Tengu Clan's "woman; she was selected to become the spouse of the following head of the clan 10 years ago. Misao became attached with Kyo while she was a young child and so they had created a guarantee that she'd be his bride. She was designed to marry the older brother, Sho, who had been the heir for the tribe of Kyo. Consequently, Kyo left the part of Misao be the heir and so that you can exceed him. In the beginning, she was frightened for his stoic temperament and demonic forces of Kyo, but increases to trust and realize that he's ready to do something to become together with her. Once she graduates high school, she drops in deep love with Kyo and chooses to meet her offer to him by getting his wife. They start an intimate and passionate connection there after. It's found that the reason being Misao is pregnant using a demon child. Despite being told the infant can destroy her during labor, because she's developed to enjoy her unborn child she will not abort it. Misao gives a kid whom she called Sou birth. Rather than dying, magic occurs when Misao gets up, and she's ready to live with Kyo and Sou, although it costs her nearly all of her power to go.

Kyou Usui
Kyo will be the heir for the Tengu Family. It's revealed that Kyo isn't individual but a strong demon. His hair wears a mask that appears like a crow's beak, and grown has dark wings while he's in his demon kind. He treats Misao having a mix of kindness and coldness determined by his temper and smart to a lot of, although perverted. Misao was met by Kyo in their youth; he dropped inlove with her and they rapidly produced a solid connection. Additionally they produced a guarantee that she'd be his woman, which he's determined to satisfy. Their older brother, Sho, was said to be group chief, but Kyo exceeded him for Misao's reason (as merely a group leader might find her as their woman). So that you can keep near Misao, he moved back to his home across the street to hers and got work at her school being a math teacher. He curing her pains, also discovering times to grab a hug and is often defending her. Kyo has strong contempt towards his brother (for his violent tactics) and his dad (whom he thought of killing his mother). While Misao shows him it enjoys her plus that she enjoys the baby, he involves look after the child. Misao gives a kid birth, whom they identify Sou. Misao, by magic, survives and Kyo has the capacity to live together with Sou and her.

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