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Aphorism summary:

From Shinnen" Naraka High School, is a seemingly normal school. However, unknown to the public is the cruel truth of what really goes on in the school's halls. Rather than studying, students are forced to struggle for their very survival. And the strong bonds of friendship may be the only difference between life and death.

Aphorism Chapters

Time uploaded
ch.73 : Bon Feb-05-17
ch.72 : Rule Jan-11-17
ch.71 Aug-14-16
ch.70 : Subside Jul-23-16
ch.69 Jul-08-16
ch.68 May-31-16
ch.65 Apr-16-16
vol.10 ch.64 : Eye Apr-07-16
ch.62 : Tower Area Jan-22-16
ch.61 Jan-20-16
ch.60 Jan-20-16
ch.59 : Woman Jan-20-16
ch.58 : Palace Jan-20-16
ch.57 : Affection Jan-20-16
ch.56 : Connection Jan-20-16
ch.55 : Puzzlement Jan-20-16
ch.54 : Movement Jan-20-16
ch.53 : Flash Jan-20-16
ch.52 : Gather Jan-20-16
ch.50 : Servant Jan-20-16
ch.49 : Gate Jan-20-16
ch.48 : Search Jan-20-16
ch.47 : Mother Jan-20-16
ch.46 : Eight Jan-20-16
ch.45 : Medicine Jan-20-16
ch.44 : Sprout Jan-20-16
ch.43 : Flower Jan-20-16
ch.42 : Shadow Jan-20-16
ch.41 : Trial Jan-20-16
ch.40 : Calm Jan-20-16
ch.39 : Plot Jan-20-16
ch.38 : Succession Jan-20-16
ch.37 : Fake Jan-20-16
ch.36 : Price Jan-20-16
ch.34 : Key Jan-20-16
ch.32 : Hoax Jan-20-16
ch.31 : Blood Jan-20-16
ch.30 : Thought Jan-20-16
ch.29 : Both Jan-20-16
ch.28 : Deception Jan-20-16
ch.27 : Genuine Jan-20-16
ch.26 : Confusion Jan-20-16
ch.25 : Big Jan-20-16
ch.24 : Mutt Jan-20-16
ch.23 : Seal Jan-20-16
ch.22 : Mission Jan-20-16
ch.21 Jan-20-16
ch.20 Jan-20-16
ch.19 Jan-20-16
ch.18 Jan-20-16
ch.17 Jan-20-16
ch.16 Jan-20-16
ch.15 Jan-20-16
ch.14 Jan-20-16
ch.13 Jan-20-16
ch.12 Jan-20-16
ch.11 Jan-20-16
ch.10 : Erase Jan-20-16
ch.9 : Crit Jan-20-16
ch.8 : Steal Jan-20-16
ch.7 : Flame Jan-20-16
ch.6.5 : Extra Dec-04-16
ch.5 : Black Jan-20-16
ch.4 : White Jan-20-16
ch.3 : Clouds Jan-20-16
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